That’s stress testing.


The guys at Ars Technicawent the extra mile in stress-testing the new iPod Nano. In a quest to see what would destroy the Nano, they dropped it from bikes, from various heights, ran it over with a car, and tossed it as high as they could in the air to let it smash down hard onto concrete. Hit the link to find out what finally makes the iPod give up the ghost.



their testing is seriously flawed. They didn’t recreate any real-world situations. There was nothing that showed how the nano handles flexing, like sitting down with it in your pocket, or rubbing up against other surfaces, like jeans or other various fabrics. Not many people will run over their nano with a car, but most if not all will try to put it in their pocket and of those people, most, if not all, will sit down with it in there.

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