Fujitsu P1500 running Tablet Edition reaction


Linda Epstein of Tablet PC2 got a good look and some photos of the Fujitsu P1500 at the PDC.  The Fuji she saw was running the beta of Windows Vista with the Tablet PC bits installed and it’s safe to say it made a good impression on her:

Love it – Need it – Want it – Gota have it!

P1500_thumbI’ve been talking about this convertible since it was first announced and Linda is very fortunate to have seen and touched one.  This device will set the health care industry (and gadget freaks) on their respective heads.  Head over to her site and look at those photos and then say you don’t want one with a straight face.



What card are you using? I will be particularly interested to find out if the card is 16-bit (which I doubt) or whether you have been able to run a 32-bit card with that adaptor. Sounds terrific and I imagine I will want to have a go at it!


I use that same converter with my 3G mobile data card @384Kbps on the U70. No problems. amazing portability – anywhere where there is a mobile phone signal.


As far as I know, these converters will only support 16-bit cards, not 32-bit cards. So that eliminates all the “broadband” PC cards that I am aware of.


The P1500 does not have an active digitizer – and you don’t need one to install the Tablet OS – of you course you need a digitizer, but passive will do. You need all the drivers and there can sometimes be installation issues but many folks are doing just that.

jk did just that with the Sony U70 and it has generated a lot of talk – and led to me getting a Sony U70 with the Tablet OS.

And yes – it is a bleeping shame that the Fujitsu doesn’t have a PC card slot – would be perfect for me if it did. For those who don’t need it, have fun.

Daryl Herbert

From the Ebay auction item:

“I took it out of the box to upgrade the OS to Windows XP Tablet PC 2005”

How was that done legally? (I’m not saying it wasn’, I’m wondering how it could have been done).


Does the P1500 have an active digitizer? I was under the impression that it didn’t…but could be wrong. I thought that an active digitizer was a necessary requirement for the use out of Tablet PC versions of Windows.

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