Off Topic… Bad Cold and Baseball


If you have been experiencing a blog slowdown, let me say, it has been an unusually busy week! I have had more than five meetings every single day of the week, phone calls that never end, filled one moleskin notebook, and spent fighting a cold that is simply brutal and making it hard to focus on anything except the task at hand. And every single evening I have had social engagements of the work kind. And if that was not enough, a few vodkas-on-rocks made me realize that computer is left untouched after an evening of frolic. Lastly, if that was not enough, well, baseball. My beloved Yankees are finally playing good ball. The pennant races across the divisions are simply brilliant. I had predicted the best year in baseball since I fell in love with the game. Even I had not predicted the kind of year we are having! Three teams in the hunt for a Wild Card spot in both NL and AL. Then there is the ever shrinking leads of the SOX clans – the White and Red kind. Giants and Dodgers making a last minute bid for NL West. And how about them Athletics and Cleveland Indians, two teams that make you believe, that money doesn’t buy you a championship! It gets you close, but…. is this a great game or what? I live for this, and if that means little less blogging, I know your inner fan will understand!



I agree 100% with your thoughts on baseball. I’ve always played and watched sports, but almost enjoy them more now because they provide a great offset to building financial models and watching stocks go up and down everday… Anyways Om if you get a chance check out this link:

Go down 3-0, let the yankees and their fans think there is a curse of the bambino, then see the greatest choke in sports history unfold in front of my own eyes…..Priceless!

See ya at Fenway the final weekend of the year.

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