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Woosh goes VoIP, India gets IMS

New Zealand broadband operator Woosh Wireless launched of its low-cost Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone service, that runs over a TD-CDMA mobile broadband network, leveraging IPWireless’ mobile broadband technology. According to Woosh, “Our phone and broadband plans represent savings for all Woosh customers of up to 50 percent on similar packages of services from other providers. Households can now have broadband and a phone connection for less than what it costs most homes for a phone line and dial-up internet.” This is totally disruptive.

In other telecom news from around the planet…

* Telcordia announced a $20 million deal with Tata Teleservices, the largest wireless operator in India to implement IMS (wireless-wireline convergence.) Telcordia says emerging markets like India can leapfrog developed countries, such as the US, from a communications standpoint because they are not weighed down by legacy networks and billions in previous investments.

One Response to “Woosh goes VoIP, India gets IMS”

  1. hi Om

    Telcordia has been trying to get into the Indian space for sometime and its great to know they squeezed in.

    But Tata Tele is not the largest wireless operator in India. Also Telcordia’s ISCP is a next gen SCP that will enable roll out of pre-paid and post-paid services from the same platform – which is really what the Telcordia press release is saying.

    There could be a futuristic evolution of the ISCP to become IMS compliant but true wireless-wireline convergence in India is certainly some years away ..

    Sridhar Pai