WebGuide 3- use any PC as a remote for your Media Center


Kevin Tofel was asking me just a couple of days ago if I knew of any program that would turn a Tablet PC into a remote control and look what I found today. WebGuide 3 is a free program that allows users to provide scheduling and recording control for a Media Center PC through any device with a web browser on your LAN.  Can I hear a “that’s perfect for the Tablet PC” from someone?  MCE WebGuide’s features:

  • WebguideAllows you to schedule recordings of shows anytime and anywhere from a web browser.
  • Installs quickly and runs with the familiar easy-to-use MCE interface.
  • Accesses your own MCE PC which means live scheduling without delays.
  • Provides LAN-based access to recorded TV shows via networked PC’s with playback in Windows Media Player.
  • An improved homepage that provides quick access to recent and upcoming recordings.
  • Improved guide listing that scrolls in-place, rather than scrolling the whole browser. This makes it very easy to get program info without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • A much improved search interface. Similar to Media Center, you can now get your search results grouped by show rather than just sorted by date/time.
  • Ability to set manual recordings and adjust the settings of scheduled recordings.
  • PocketPC and Smartphone enabled EPG.
  • Localized languages include: Dutch, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish.

You can hear more about WebGuide on this episode of the Media Center Show with Ian Dixon.  BTW, since WebGuide 3 is browser based it also works on PPCs and smartphones.


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