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PDC 05: Some Content Related Announcments From Microsoft

Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is happening this week here in downtown LA, and it is mainly technical announcments from the company, but with implication for content providers. Some among them:

InternetNews: The company demonstrated Windows Sidebar, an interface element based on RSS and DHTML that he said would be shipped with Windows Vista…like Google Sidebar, it includes separate elements that are automatically updated with information, such as news feeds, weather or digital photos. Users can select from a gallery of the mini-applications, which Microsoft calls Gadgets.

— Microsoft has opened a “Digital Locker” within the Windows Marketplace, which is operated by CNET, that will let customers store the keys to the software they purchase and download so that it can be moved from one machine to another. I: It has partnered with Canon to include an all-new color matching system as part of the new OS, to help make digital photo prints that better match the images that appear on the screen. II: Microsoft has released a photo-sharing program aimed at showing off the graphics abilities being built into the next version of Windows. Microsoft’s “Max” allows users to create a display of their digital photos that can be e-mailed to friends and family.