Next Tablet PC Show guest- Mike Jetter!


I’ll let you in on a little not-so-well-kept secret– Tablet PC Show co-host Marc Orchant and I are big fans of MindManager.  It is simply the best mind mapping program on the planet, and when you throw in the outstanding ink support and Tablet PC interface magic it is easy to understand why.  We are very excited to announce we will be interviewing Mike Jetter, CTO of Mindjet,  for the next Tablet PC Show podcast.  Mindjet has just announced a new version of MindManager and this will be a great chance for listeners to hear all about the new goodies it brings.  In the meantime do you have any questions you’d like us to ask him?

In case you missed it, here’s a list of the new features in MindManager Pro 6:

  • New Microsoft Excel integration: Embed spreadsheet information into maps
  • New Microsoft Visio export: Quickly create flow charts, map out processes
  • Improved Microsoft PowerPoint integration: Quickly create and preview slides
  • New editable outline view: Switch from map mode to standard linear mode
  • New “Add Attachments”: Add multiple documents, URLs to each map topic
  • New Topic Alerts: Receive alarms for appointments created in your maps
  • New Organizational Chart view: Create dynamic, data-rich org charts
  • New Ink-enabled Notes: Adds new power to mapping on a Tablet PC
  • Improved Map Formatting commands: Make maps look better than ever—fast!




Thanks for the reply. I have experimented with floating topics in the past and as you stated their implementation is quite limited in X5. I look forward to seeing the new changes in MM6 in that regard. That being said, I hope you consider what multiple central topics and the ability to link anything to anything would mean for mindmanager. If you want to succesfully market to students I really feel that this would be the way to go. With the zoom and pan functions a student could create a “desk” with multiple mind maps. Think of it as MindManager with a onenote or evernote quality to it. As a student builds his notes for each class he has the capability to add or move ideas and concepts around on multiple maps tying each lecture into the previous ones. It would be the ultimate in giving the “big picture” and promote integration of concepts.


Mike Jetter

MindManager 6 has much better support for multiple centers than X5. There is more layout control for floating topics (e.g. map style) and they are now automatcially arranged so they don’t overlap anymore when you expand or collapse them.

You can also use topic links to link from a particular topic to another one (“Copy” target topic and then use “Paste as Hyperlink” on the source topic). While not as visual as relationship arrows, they don’t overlay the map with too much visual clutter (if you need many relationships).

This might not be enough to solve your specific problem, but I recommend checking it out.


I’ve only been using MindManager for a month so this may be a stupid question, but….I would like to know if there is a way to to put multiple central topics on the main map. I am a medical student (or so they tell me) and alot of the notes i am taking deal with things biochemical pathways that look alot like flowcharts that have branches and return loops. Another example would be a differential diagnosis that has symptoms, lab values, test, treatments, etc. all connected by if/then type logic stuff.

The expandable/collapsable nature of MindManager is excellent for this type of data because it allows you to show differing levels of complexity. But I am missing a way of showing how different pieces of information are related.

What would be great is the ability to put multiple maps on the same page and also to make multiple connections between subtopics, either on the same central topic or on a completely different one.

Here is an example of the kind of information i am trying to put into MindManager:

thanks for your help

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