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MikeWo’s Musings has the cool 8.4” Motion LS800 Tablet PC and has written a detailed review of the little Tablet.  His review is very objective and he takes care to indicate both what he likes and dislikes about the LS800 and anyone interested in this device should not miss the review.  He covers essential information about the use of the LS800 including using Bluetooth peripherals.  He points out something about the smaller form factor that had not occurred to me– finding a good case to carry the LS800 is almost impossible due to it’s non-standard size.  From the review:

So, there you go.  Overall I would recommend the LS800 as a great device for people who want a small form factor to their tablets.  If you are looking at tablets for the first time, you may want to be sure that you’ll like the form factor if you are using this as your primary device.  If you are looking to upgrade your current tablet to something new, then you’ll probably know if you would like a smaller tablet or not. 




What cards are you using in the PCMCIA slot that are really important? Just wondering if there wasn’t an alternative to them in SD format or USB connection.

Not everyone will like the form factor of the LS800 or it’s features, but I think many people are dismissing it out of hand due to small screen size and such. It definately has its niche of consumers.

Thanks for linking to my review.



I actually haven’t been that put off by the 800 x 600 screen. The screen itself is so small that I think the higher resolution would make it hard to read. The only app I’ve had complain was MS Trips and Streets, and like the LE1600, once it was landscape mode it didn’t complain, even though the screen is in 800 x600.


Another thing I haven’t seen mentioned in reviews of the LS800 is that 800×600 screen. On my LE1600 I’ve had a few applications complain that my screen needs to be a minimum of 1024×768 for proper operation. By rotating from portrait to landscape I was able to get the applications to run. But on a LS800 I’d be SOL.


Eh, strike that last comment. I just saw the correction to the review that indicated the 1 GB max, and I could probably live without the card slot.


The main limitations of the LS800 are the maximum of 512 MB RAM, and the lack of a PCMCIA card slot. I’d like at least 1 GB of RAM and a card slot, and maybe those will come in the next generation.

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