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@ MCW: Mixed Reaction To Mobile Among Bands

[by Mike Butcher] Music executives say some artists love producing content for the mobiles – while others hate it.
Ian James, managing director Chrysalis Mobile, noted that rapper Dizzy Rascal, who is 21 years old, is “the right generation of artist to understand mobile. He usually says yes to everything because he knows how mobile works.”
Speaking on the panel at MCW, Simon Wheeler, head of new media with the Beggars Banquet Group of eight independent labels said that the White Stripes haven’t licensed any content for mobile at all, ecause Jack White has a “real problem” with mobile phones and modern technology – for instance, he made his first album on equipment which was pre-1969. “Ringtones have had a bad press with artists – it’s not a good representation of what they have been sweating over in the studio for years.”
Francis Keeling, UK manager for Universal Mobile, commented that artists are often starting to embrace mobile, but it’s more about how much control they have. “U2 are for it, but they want to approve what they do. Keane created specific ringtones for instance.” The strategy for next year is defining off-portal content on Java and iMode etc. “Artists themselves may not even want to be on Vodafone for instance, because it is such a dominating brand.”
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