Lora has a photo of the Fujitsu P1500 with Tablet Edition 2005


Yesterday’s news of touch screen devices soon to be available with the Tablet Edition 2005 installed led me to immediately think of the Fujitsu P1500.  The P1500 is a sub-notebook with a convertible touch screen that Fujitsu originally shipped with plain old Windows XP.  Lora Heiny of What is New in Technology is at PDC and she has posted a photo of the P1500 running the Tablet Edition.  Oh my, this is fantastic!  Fujitsu has a press release announcing the shipping of the improved P1500 in October.



I also loaded the Tablet PC OS onto the P1500. Although I agree that the Tablet OS enhances the usability of the touchscreen, it is really no where near a real (active digitizer) Tablet PC. Before the P1500, I had the Flybook, which has a better touchscreen imho but still not as good as the “real thing”.

I will be selling my P1500 on ebay shortly, since I am moving to a Fujitsu convertible with a 12-inch screen, a real Tablet PC.


Does anyone know the deal b/w active and passive digitizers?
I’ve heard that the passive digis were junk and that for any kind of drawing you would need an active/wacom digi??

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