Digital Home Jukebox Update, and other news


Olive Media has announced (not released) Musica, a digital home jukebox that features a whopping 160 GB drive, and works with Macs and PCs. It allows users to burn and copy music CDs, record music from analog sources such as turntables or tape decks, access music stored on a networked Mac or PC, listen to internet radio, and update their Apple iPod. And keeping up with Olive is Sonos, which says it will now be sold through Tweeter, the high end audio/video chain.

In other digital music news:

* Podscope says, AOL will integrate the Podscope search engine with its search tool.  AOL site visitors will be able to use Podscope spoken word search within podcast files to find exactly what they are looking for.

* Sling Media, a place shifting start-up, has opened its online store while its retail partner, CompUSA, is running a promotion starting this Sunday, September 18, and running through Saturday, September 24, giving new Slingbox customers two free Powerline Networking Adapters, valued at $60 each.

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