802.11n in trouble?


ABI Research notes, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 802.11n.
>The eagerly-awaited enhancement to the 802.11 wireless LAN standard, that promises wireless users throughput of 100 Mbps and more, has been bogged down in a two-camp battle over the shape of the specifications to be submitted for IEEE approval.

And if that was not enough – Broadcom, Intel, Atheros and Marvell, holding the lion’s share of the Wi-Fi chipset market — have formed a third camp with the aim of writing a whole new proposal. This is said to be an attempt to do an end run around MIMO chip maker, Airgo Networks, which today announced a new chip that can handle wireless speeds of upto 240 megabits per second or what they like to call a wireline replacement for the home.

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