Welcome Bill Sodeman to the jkOnTheRun team!


You may remember my call for contributors for jkOTR a few weeks back and have been wondering whatever happened with that.  I have been corresponding with a few individuals who are interested in contributing posts to the site and am happy to announce the first volunteer.  Bill Sodeman is a professor in Honolulu with a Ph. D in Strategic Management and has been writing on various web sites for quite some time.  Bill will bring a fresh perspective of the mobile goodness world to jkOnTheRun and I am looking forward to seeing his posts.  Join me in welcoming Bill (billso) to jkOTR.   Keep an eye out for further possible contributor announcements.



Welcome Bill :).

Small question; How are we going to see who posted something? With two people it might be obvious (sometimes ;), but if more people join in…

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