Tracy drops her Tablet PC


Marc Orchant and I had a wonderful time visiting with Tracy Hooten on the last Tablet PC Show but the next day Tracy blogs about a broken backpack and her Tablet PC crashing to the floor.  Yep, screen is broken.  Fortunately she got the additional warranty from Toshiba entitling her to a replacement but even so, my heart sunk when I read about her ordeal.  Make sure you use a good bag to carry your Tablet PC that has a specific padded slot for added protection.  Let us know when you get your Tablet back, Tracy.  And it is just a coincidence that it happened a day after appearing on our show.  Really.



Murphy’s Law…

Thats one one problem with tablets. They
all eventually FALL! Its a fact that
is almost guaranteed by design to succumb
to the eventual, inevitable, drop! Heck,
I’ve droped my PDA already a half dozen
times, and its not as big or heavy.

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