Skype uses your computer to route calls?


The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog points to an interview with Michael Robertson on engadget that divulges some information that I have not heard anywhere.  Robertson is the founder of and Linspire and his latest venture is SIPphone which puts him head to head with Skype/eBay.  During the interview he informs the listeners that Skype uses individual’s PCs to route other people’s Skype calls.  This may be one reason that enterprises are not friendly with Skype.  I wonder if this has anything to do with variable Skype quality during long calls, I have been bit by this a lot.


Nicole Simon

Yes of course. This is why skype even when being idle is a bad choice if you have a volume flat rat. :))

I am amazed thought that with decentralized computing we get this instant, fast calls.

Mike Dillamore

Skype has never tried to hide the way their system operates. This is from their “Skype Explained” page, –

“(Decentralized P2P networks) utilize the processing and networking power of the end-users machines since these resources always grow in direct proportion to the network itself. Each new node added to the network adds potential processing power and bandwidth to the network. Thus, by decentralizing resources, second generation (2G) P2P networks have been able to virtually eliminate costs associated with a large centralized infrastructure.”


I am pretty sure you right, thats how it works.
Long calls do cause lots of problems, I always try and keep my interviews less than an hour as the lag can get really bad


I’m afraid it would take a big media site to even have a chance at that verification. I’m sure someone will try soon, though.

Thomas Brock


Any attempt to confirm this with the Skype folks? What are the chances of using individual PCs to route calls opening up security risks?

This may be the reason I need to move over to Google Talk…

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