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@ MCW: Are the Operator Prepared: John Ingham, O2

[by Mike Butcher] John Ingham, head of content development, O2, commented that the ones that understands mobile content best are the media publishing companies as they deal in licensing and ownership, so they are best placed to take advantage. “Operators don’t get this at all – they just connect people. I see them licensing this out to media companies in the future, who have dynamic rolling content.”
Ingham noted that both T-Mobile and 02 have just cut their content staff, indicating that carriers will look to content aggregators, rather than becoming aggregators themselves. “Aggregators become essential in that environment as you can’t deal with millions of third parties.”
How is O2 getting content music to fans? It’s about marketing, looking at what customer wants. Ingham said 02 uses a lot of CRM – their main supplier is Buongiorno. Specific marketing messages are sent out to people who have already bought a genre of music. O2’s “Opt In Extras” scheme showed that at least 50% of people signing up were over 25 years of age – they loved the service because it made music on the mobile easier to handle.
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