Hello touchscreen


P1500_thumbHilton Locke of Microsoft gives some details about the announcement at PDC today that OEMs will be allowed to ship touch screen devices with the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.  This gets me very excited because I know first-hand how useful touch screen devices can be with the Tablet Edition installed.  This will also mean bigger sales numbers as there is no reason for OEMs who are currently producing touch screen devices to exclude the Tablet Edition.  Awesome, awesome, awesome!  What I’d love to see now is the Fujitsu P1500 with the Tablet Edition installed.  Oh yeah!



Touch screen support for Tablet PCs? It’s about time! Some users don’t want the inking, anyway. They just want an alternative to the touchpad and pointing stick.


Sweet. The Sony U70 is so much better with the Tablet OS, and this will let more Tablets get out there – as touchscreens are cheaper, so logically more OEMs will make computers cheaply with touchscreens and they can use the Tablet OS on it. While the higher end tablets will remain active instead of passive digitizers. Great move Microsoft! :D

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