UPDATE: Bango Signs Paypal Deal


Bango LogoBango has signed a deal with PayPal to allow vendors using the Bango portal to offer PayPal to their clients as a billing option. “With this agreement, mobile phone users can approve purchases of content such as ringtones, games, wallpapers and videos using pre-approved PayPal payments. Existing PayPal users activate their accounts to pay for mobile content with a one-time visit to www.bango.net on a personal computer. They register their phone with Bango and make purchases through Bango, with funds deducted from their PayPal accounts”.
This is a great alternative to going through the operators, who normally charge around 50% to add the charge to a phone bill or use a premium message payment service. I’m not sure what the revenue split is for this service, I’m trying to find out…
The other benefit is that PayPal is already up and running with many millions of users who are already familiar with the service and trust it. I’ve been waiting for a development like this which will hopefully increase the flexibility of mobile payments and hence increase the flexibility of mobile content…
Paypal is owned by eBay, the company that is buying Skype in a multibillion dollar deal…
UPDATE: I have a reply back from Sarah Keefe at Bango, who wrote: “The minimum charge is 1 cent in US Dollars, 1 cent in Euros and 1p in Pounds Sterling. The content provider gets 63% of payment for mobile content.” So the percentage share is bigger than with most mobile carriers (although not greatly so) but the minimum charge is interesting…it’s now feasible to sell a wallpaper for 10c, for example.
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