Tablet PC Show #23 is out with Tracy Hooten!

The Tablet PC Show #23 (MP3 – 16.1MB – 47min)

00:00 Intro- Marc Orchant & James Kendrick

Tabletpc_album_cover_6Marc and I had a fun conversation with Tracy Hooten, the driving force behind The Student Tablet PC blog. The Student Tablet PC blog is a wonderful source of information for students using Tablet PCs but non-students can find a wealth of information, too. Tracy tells us how she likes her new Toshiba M200 with the wide-angle high resolution screen and other topics related to her usage of the Tablet at school. We talk about scanning textbooks and other large works into the Tablet and Tracy gives us some insight into the new beta version of PDF Annotator. We had a little problem with Skype so please excuse some annoying noise problems that crop up from time to time. Enjoy the show and leave us some feedback.

Links to topics discussed in the show:

University of Texas defeats Ohio State 25 – 22
Toshiba M200 Tablet PC
Gateway Convertible Notebook with wide-screen display
Plustek OptiBook 3600
Book Pilot (with OptiBook 3600 only)
Adobe Acrobat
PDF Annotator


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