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Streaming radio in iTunes 5.0 now plays over Airtunes.

One of the things that drove me crazy about iTunes 4.x, once I’d hooked up speakers to my Airport Express and started streaming music from my computer using AirTunes, was that I could not get the streaming radio stations listed in iTunes’ Radio section to play out over the remote speakers. I eventually came up with a workaround using Airfoil from Rogue Amoeba, but it always took a couple of seconds to come online and it would occasionally drop the stream with a buffer error.

I’m happy to report that Apple has now fixed this gripe of mine with iTunes 5.0. I tried it out last night, just to see if this particular problem had been fixed, along with the myriad of other new features and interface changes that iTunes 5 introduced, and I was able to get KQED playing out over my remote speakers without a stutter. Thanks, Apple!

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  1. i have been streaming music for years using i-tunes and lately the streams are getting more choppy. they drop out every 5 minutes or so and it is very frustrating. i have tried a variety of things to fix the problem and it seems to be somewhere in my home network.

    my question is: are there any plug in apps available that restart a stalled stream automatically so i dont always have to do it manually?

    any help would be much appriciated.

  2. Travis Murdock


    I’m able to reproduce the exact same problem with KQED 64 kbps stream. I’m using Windows XP with iTunes 6.0. I cannot hear KQED on my Remote speakers, but I can hear every other station. I can also stream music from my hard drive on my computer. I didn’t realize the only problem was with KQED until I saw this post. I have reconfigured my Airport Express twice because I thought something had gone wrong. When I try the 32kbps KQED stream, it works on the remote speakers. The problem is isolated to KQED – for example I try the 128 kbps stream from KUCI and it works in both rooms.
    I’m connecting through my Linksys router to the Airport Express.

    Airport express Firmware version: 6.3
    the home router is Linksys WRT54G v5
    All Win XP updates installed as of this date.

  3. shillion

    I’ve tried iTunes 5 and iTunes 6, and in neither version can I get KQED to play over my speakers. I’m using two Airport Express stations, and I’m using a PC. Every other radio station seems to work. What’s so special about KQED?!

  4. Posted Sep 12, 2005, 1:17 PM ET by Mitch Santell
    I loaded Apple iTunes into Tiger. The program works great except for one little problem. When the problem came up I was shocked being a hard core Apple user since 1984 and having been on Tiger with a 17″ powerbook and so on…..

    The trouble is the audio quality in 5.0 sucks. Don’t install it and don’t use it. I am in the syndicated radio business and I am launching a film soundtrack company.

    My ears are sensitive and I was in absolute shock when the quality of the audio in 5.0 and the Equalizer that comes with it do not work to the same fine standards as 4.9.

    Now, the search function is awesome (a clone of spotlight) in Tiger, but the audio sucks.

    Now at first I thought it was the fact that I have a lot of non-apple mp3’s on my system. Then? I started playing to 200+ songs I have bought from the Apple store. Guess what? Sucky sound!

    Solution? Re-install 4.9! What to do: First this only works if you have an external drive with Panther on it. If your external drive has Tiger your messed up and it won’t work. I re-booted my 17″ Powerbook, off the external drive in Panther, erased all of 5.0 and related files. Then I re-booted back into Tiger and (ta-da), I am back to the 4.9 version. Now, my take is that Apple will fix this problem in the next relase 5.1 or 5.2, and yeah I miss the improved search engine, but you know us baby boomers. Right? We gotta have our music and Todd Rundren, The Eagles and Cold play have got to sound great! (Hope this helps anyone who is stuck)! Good luck!

  5. Rich Trouton

    If you have both your Extreme and Express set up with the same wireless network name and IP range (aka set up as a roaming network,) you can. That’s how I’m able to talk to both my Airport Express’ attached speakers. How do you have your wireless network set up?

  6. wait, the problem im talking about is – having streaming radio from my Airport Extreme, but then I can’t choose remote speakers on the Express because you can’t do two at the same time, Extreme and Express.