Number 5000, finally


Thank You. The readers and the community got me here, now I hope I have the energy to continue. But one more time – thank you all! Meanwhile, Sumit Chachra has won the “March to 5000 post” contest. His guess was closest to the actual posting time. He guessed September 12. Sumit, send me your details – dinner is ready!


Juan Lopez-Valcarcel

Felicidades Om!
Your posts are something to look forward to every day.
Keep up the great work.

PD: Our sources indicate eBay is about to acquire all your comments at a valuation of $1,500/comment… enjoy the Web Bubble 2.0 !! :-)



I am a great fan of yours. I really look forward to reading your blogs and also your articles in Business 2.0. How in the world do you get the scoops that almost always turn out to be accuarte? You either have great vision or great contacts or both… ;-)

Anyways, congratulations and looking forward to many many more interesting and informative blogs.


DG Lewis

I think this means you’re now likely to be bought by eBay for $2.6B plus a performance-based payout of another $1.5B if you meet certain goals for future posts and readers.

Sumit Chachra

COOL! Congrats Om!

Sent you a message through your Contact form. Hope to take you up on the dinner offer next time in am in SF. :-)

– Sumit

Taylor Francis

Check that … that was comment 5 -this is comment 6. (If you count Om’s comment).

Taylor Francis

Comment 4. Om- best blog in the whole space. Great writer with lots of scoop and a gorgeous blog = lethal combo.

Aswath Rao

Om, congratulations on reaching this milestone. Each of the posts have been informative and useful for a majority of the readers. In this respect it is a more meaningful metric than the “number of downloads”. :-)

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