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What a great show as Kevin and I had an Apple session with discussion of Apple’s recent announcements of the nano, RoKR phone, and Harry Potter comes to iTunes. If you can afford it, that is. WiFi cameras, backup solutions and Ian Dixon on Channel 9. It’s all here on techADDICTION. Comments welcome and call the Skype line as we love to hear from you. Enjoy the show!

00:00 Intro- James Kendrick & Kevin Tofel

Apple’s big announcements

iPod nano & Motorola RoKR phone

10:40 Harry Potter comes to iTunes if you can afford it

15:30 FreeWallet

17:30 Migo on the iPod update

25:30 Message from The Media Center Show

26:10 Ian Dixon on Channel 9

27:30 Hit and run accident

29:50 Kevin’s Toyota Highlander Hybrid

36:45 Fastora ExBoot

39:00 Backup tips

Karen’s Replicator

44:10 Nikon’s WiFi cameras

Nikon Coolpix S4– 10x optical zoom

48:50 Wrap up



TA listener Joel Mclaughlin points out that Apple killed off the iPod Mini when they released the nano and not the Shuffle. This makes more sense as Apple seems to be heading to flash based iPods only.

Thanks, Joel!

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