Don’t hit and run


My wife called me yesterday morning all upset.  On her way to work someone in an older car slammed into her car from the rear and then took off, leaving us in the unenviable position of having to deal with the damage using our own insurance.  Luckily Sheri wasn’t hurt, just furious that this person would hit her at about 40 miles per hour and then take off.  Since she was momentarily disoriented after the impact she couldn’t get the car’s license plate number so we thought there would be little chance the offender would ever be tracked down.

Guess what?  The car slammed into Sheri’s car so hard that the front license plate numbers were imprinted into the plastic bumper!  When Sheri went to file the police report she showed them the impression and in less than a minute they identified the license plate number through the general description of the car that ran away.  One solid match and the police turned it over to the Hit and Run Division and expect to get in touch with the owner of that vehicle pretty soon, who is responsible whether they were the driver or not.  That’s just cool.

UPDATE:  Sheri has posted about the experience with the police and license plate number on her blog.



It just happened to me. I got hit by someone and took off. I tried to chase him but he drove so fast and I don’t want to have another accident. I was all in shock when it happened and what that guy did to me. He is so rude and now I have to deal with everything , calling my insurance and bringing my car to an auto body shop etc. I prayed that the police could catch him with a very few information I only got and it would be a real miracle if that happens.
My lesson is when you’ve got an accident don’t panic, try to be alert and get witnesses. Oh God, if I could only turn back the time I will react differently at the situation and get off my car and get the license plate number.


That’s B.S. I was hit in the same way last year and the guy’s plate fell off!! I took it to the police station, thinking the cops would solve the crime. It’s been over a year now and nothing. They said that all they can do is send a letter to him and request a meeting. If he doesn’t respond, then the case just stays open. So I would like to see if you get anywhere with this. Good Luck!


Please let me know who the perpretrator is so that I can go beat the stuffing out of him with a baseball bat.


I’m very thankful that no one was seriously injured and that somehow justice may be done! If and when this person is found, I guarantee you there will be one name she won’t forget anytime soon-MINE!

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How interesting! Keep us informed on how things work out after you contact the runner! I’d like to hear how this all ends up!


Wow, this is something you’d see on CSI! I can just see one of the CSI leads investigating this accident and delivering a cheesy one-liner at the beginning of an episode.

Thankfully in this case, nobody was seriously injured. I hope this person gets thrown in jail.


Wow .. that is awesome. One of my biggest pet peeves is aggressive and careless drivers. Please post an update when it is resolved. Thanks for the great blog!

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