Movies From Mobile Phones

PortoMedia is working with IBM Research to deliver two-hour, DVD-quality movies in just 18 seconds to mobile phones or portable media players…of course the content is stored on digital flash memory cards and sold through kiosks.
Here’s where it gets interesting:

He contrasted his system to other mobile phone TV systems on the market. The system his company is developing will be able to transmit a high-resolution image that will be downsized for the mobile device and expanded when it is output to a TV set through an “AV Out” connection on the portable device, or an adapter that will allow playback on a standard TV.
“The mobile phone could act as a DVD player,” said Mr. O’Brien. “Some people today are starting to distribute a low-res file to a mobile device, but the content protection and content resolution is much lower. If you were to buy that content, it’s only good for the mobile device.”

It’s an interesting concept, using your mobile phone as a DVD player, or amplifier for music, or general media player/storage device. With some of the phones with large memory there’s no reason a USB cable can’t turn it into a data storage device for computers…
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