iPod finally in black..

So after getting over my initial reaction that the black iPod Nano is the official iPod of Pirates, Ninjas, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I realized a few things about Apple’s big releases:

iPod stuff

  • I’m going to hold out until the black look is applied to the larger iPods.
  • The armbands are not in black. They are however in every other color that I would never purchase them in.
  • That phone is gross looking. Combined with the fact that Cingular is the only company selling it, and with a contract, and I will definitely be saying No Thanks
  • I will eventually get an iPod. That’s right, I do not have one, but that is because I’ve been holding out for a solid black iPod. No, the U2 iPod is not acceptable.
  • Should there not be a fully black big iPod by January, I’ll probably be purchasing a iPod Nano in full black

iTunes stuff

  • Finally Apple is trying to do something different with Textured (brushed).
  • This spells the death of Brushed, from what I can tell. Take a look at this mock up of the style applied to the Finder. It makes the finder just look better. You can click it if you want to make it bigger.

    Mock up of iTunes 5 toolbar on finder

  • iTunes now behaves a lot like my other applications, and it seems to be faster.
  • For the most part, they did a good job with it. Some of you will disagree, noting the corners and that sort of thing. I like the new corners, sosumi
  • It takes up less space for the same content!
  • They have kept the distributed notification in iTunes since 4.7. My fear was that in 5.0 of iTunes the distributed notification would be pulled. Let me explain this point some. Basically, with iTunes 4.6 and below there is only one way to find out what is playing. That way is via polling. This is a programming term, so let me explain. It’s like asking your mom if you’re there yet. Over. And over. And over.

    Now, in the computing world, polling is higher on resource usage than say, listening for a notification. The good news is, that since iTunes 4.7, Apple has been doing just that, sending out something called Distributed Notifications. There are whole sets of tools designed to help the developer listen to these notifications. And so, things like Synergy, GrowlTunes and QuickSilver no longer had to poll iTunes at arbitrary times to get the information they needed.

    Now as a Project Manager, I was really worried that we would have to go back to polling with iTunes 5. The reason being that the distributed notifications within iTunes were not really advertised. It took someone actually testing Growl to find it (a guy named Bobbus). You have no idea how worried I was while waiting for iTunes to download and install on my iBook. You also have no idea how relieved I was when GrowlTunes posted a notification to Growl when I started playing My Chemical Romance after the install. I am very happy that it looks like this notification is sticking around for good.


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