CBS SportsLine Plans Include Considerable Podcasting


It isn’t as sexy as free video but podcasting plays a role in the integration of CBS SportsLine with CBS Digital. CBS Digital’s Larry Kramer tells me the sports lineup for the new CBS Netcast will include most of the broadband programming starting with new columnist Ray Ratto and several new original shows by Jason Horowitz, including the fantasy programs. Some of the on-air programs will be added to the podcast lineup — the CBS Sports NFL pre-game, for instance — but the network’s rights don’t include game podcasts so the new “glogs” — running color analysis of games — will have to suffice.
Online radio is nothing new for SportsLine, which was producing 10 hours of shows five years ago, according to one former exec. But delivering intact shows that can be downloaded and automatically including podcasting in distribution is a step forward. Even better if the shows turn out to be worth a listen.(It would help if a search for podcasting on the CBS SportsLine site turned up results beyond paid search.)

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