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Timbaland Launches Mobile Album Of Ringtones

Ringtonia has pointed to a story about Timbaland launching Get By, a “mobile album” of seven specially crafted ringtones. “Get By is the inaugural offering from Made Hear, a ringtone provider launched by mobile media company Zingy with MTV.”
Meanwhile, AG Interactive has launched a subset of its Sportz Tonz ringtones — Trash Tonz, which feature “sound bites from fast-talking athletes verbally abusing and amusing their competition on the court”. “Sports and the tradition of trash talking are inseparable,” said Bryan Biniak, senior vice president, AG Interactive and general manager, AGmobile. “We are working with some of history’s greatest athletes from basketball, football, boxing, and hockey to bring the game to the phone.”
These offerings follow the trend of savvy ringtone producers into niche markets where the ringtones are specially developed. Many people are predicting the “death of the ringtone” once most phones can simply play an MP3 file as a ringtone, with the not unreasonable assumption that people would rather play something they already have than pay $2-3 for something of less quality. The obvious solution is to sell ringtones that people don’t have, so they have to buy them if they want them. And of course it can add to the ‘individuality’ of the user and give them more options for associating with their idols.
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