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A while back I wrote about the remote possibility that with Tiger, Apple was taking a new direction in design, and moving toward black products. Of course it was just a random thought, but quite a few readers got in on the comments.

Well today, I’ll ruminate a skosh more…
I give you yesterday’s announcement of the iPod nanoin Black. Not a special edition like the U2 iPod. Just a Black version for sale also. And it looks very slick, at least in my opinion. (I think my wife needs one actually…)

Another thought I had is since my last [crazy/psychotic/out -of-my-mind] rantings we’ve learned that Apple will soon be putting out Intel based machines. If a switch like that doesn’t scream “NEW BRAND IMAGE!” I don’t know what does.

Relax everyone. I’m just talking here. It’s widely known (at least by my wife) that I know very little about anything. I just thought I’d take this opportunity to add a little more to the fire and ever so remotely, set myself up to say ‘I told you so!’



I can’t! Your funny though. Real funny!! I lIkE fUnNy! hahaha! yeah sittne here wrote that note but you funny garren!

Pat Divietro

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Note that they brought out a black AND a white nano – it’s transitional at most. However, black is integrated in the design (hence the glossy finish) as opposed to the U2 version of iPod where the color is clearly a “glue-on” (and that RED! horrible).

It is doubtful whether Apple will introduce two major changes at the same time – moving to an x86 platform and redirecting their design language. The recognition factor is necessary for two reasons: to bring the Apple users with them onto the new platform, and to lure in that section of the Win-population which has been admiring the Apple cool factor but previously felt it too distant from their experiental sphere. Any major change in Apple’s aesthetic vocabulary will probably wait until at least the second x86 generation.

Nick Santilli

Gareth – nope, no asian persuasian here.
the quiksan handle is a play on my name.
“skosh” (don’t know the background) was a word my college buddy always used…it trickled into my vocab as well.

Mark – Glad to have you as a fan of the TAB.

ALSO – check out this link…turns out the *BLACK* nano is the #4 seller on Amazon right now. (white nano is 22nd…)

Gareth Potter

I must confess that I thought of you when I saw the web site for the iPod nano yesterday. And the black model was really rather the icing on the cake. Goths are going to love this shit.

So the idea has plausibility. But it would be something of a sea change at Apple – on the one hand, if they are serious about audio, then most hifi, etc. kit is that colour, so they would probably create some kind of parity in some customers eyes. But contrast that with the fact that black can be rather oppressive, and that the white-minimalist-purity thing they have going “goes” with other stuff really rather well, and it does make me wonder…

I suppose we’ll see. I’m not entirely convinced yet, but perhaps we can consider the black nano somehing of a test – throw it out there, see how the public react, and if it proves popular, consider a shift to the dark side. Hell, they’ll have Intel inside, so they’re aready half way there…

Gareth :P

(PS. I can’t help but intrigued by your use of this word “skosh“. I assume – well, am nigh-on certain – that it comes from the Japanese “sukoshi“, meaning “a little”, but unless your name-surname combo conceals a Japanese-American heritage, I just find it somewhat surprising…:P)

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