Telenor Ads More Mobile TV With Rubberduck

Norway’s Telenor has deployed Rubberduck Media Lab‘s studio:1 platform to bring all live, streamed content from Norway’s three leading television channels, to the country’s expanding 3G audience. The hope is to extend the user base beyond the core audience of 30,000 currently using it.
One interesting feature that caught my eye is this: “Rubberduck’s network-agnostic service also overcomes the problem of digital rights management facing channels wishing to stream live broadcasts to mobile phones. studio:1 contains a scheduling feature that automatically identifies content with unsecured mobile rights and reschedules the broadcast by swapping in alternative content. This has already proved a key element of service development with the broadcasters and operators securing the mobile rights to key programming”.
Mobile broadcast rights are still in negotiation (which is a polite way of saying that everything thinks they have the right to broadcast to mobiles and no-one else does) so a feature that easily takes away uncertain content is a fairly important one.
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