Sportsline Being Integrated Into CBS Sports

CBS Sportsline, now owned by, well, CBS, is being integrated into CBS Sports. Not that big a deal, but all the footage which is not being used on CBS Sports on TV, will now be online, in different packages.

The new site will be broadband heavy, and is being pushed as a “broadband channel”. Besides CBS Sports TV footage/packages, the site will have original online programs…the company has created new studios in New York, Los Angeles and Sportsline’s headquarters in Florida.

Blog, podcasts, the works…essentially mirroring changes on They’re launching something they call Glogs, short for Game logs…yes, that’s the lamest name ever.

Some details of the new CBS Sportsline, from the release:

— “a newly-configured homepage including “The EyeBox,” an on-page video player offering “build your own playlist” capability that will showcase free broadband video from CBS and CBS Sports, allowing users to access a wealth of original video content;

— the introduction of “Glogs,” short for game logs, a new form of live sports coverage on the Internet that brings original color commentary to the live sports game experience;

— addition of fresh talent and marquee columnists, including ESPN’s Dream Job finalist Jason Horowitz and the San Francisco Chronicle’s Ray Ratto;

— a newly created network of stringers, covering the United States with nearly 100 different contributors offering the latest from the world of sports on a local level;

— an exclusive sponsorship by Nike that kicks off CBS’s enhancements. Other sponsors on board include: BlackBerry, Visa, Volkswagen, Geico, Subway, CDW and UPS.”

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