Ink Gestures for Word update


Loren Heiny is teasing us again with his latest progress report of Ink Gestures in Word.  Loren shows us a couple of new features he’s added and the coolest one for me is the select function that lets you draw brackets around text in Word you want to select and instantly it is selected.  Awesome!  He’s also added a replace text function with handwriting recognition where you can replace existing text completely with the pen.  Here’s his updated feature list as of now:

  • Selecting text, removing selection
  • Deleting selection, deleting letter
  • Toggle bold, underline, italics, capitalization
  • Set line spacing
  • Display font, paragraph, and style dialogs
  • Copy/cut/paste
  • Make lines bulletted, numbered, or plain text
  • Indent, outdent
  • New paragraph
  • Move selected text
  • Insert text and set insertion mode
  • Replace selected text

Why am I so excited by Loren’s work?  I believe (just from what he’s shown us so far) that this may very well be the "killer app" for writers, copy editors and for anyone who routinely takes Word documents home for revising.  I think it is that important.

Lora Heiny teases us with a fantastic little tidbit:

I’d like this addin for Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote too. Wouldn’t you? Good thing I know something you don’t know.

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