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Skype’s anunal revenue over $72 million.

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Join the Community!, channeling Swedish business weekly Affärsvärlden, points out that Skype’s annual revenues are in the $70 million range.

> Skype co-founder and CEO Niklas Zennström shed some light on the company’s revenue. Skype has 51 million registered users and more than 2 million customers. Registered users are growing 130,000 per day. …More interesting was the information about Skype’s monthly revenue per user. According to Niklas Zennström Skype’s has income of “a couple of few dollars per month per customer”. Assuming that a couple of dollars equals three dollars, Skype has annual revenue of $72+ million.

Given that Skype started offering pay services in April 2005, I guess it should be more like $24 million or so. It might be on track to do $72 million in its first year. Update: Rick points out that the SkypeOut has been live for more than a year. My bad!

14 Responses to “Skype’s anunal revenue over $72 million.”

  1. KeithJamesMc

    Don’t forget in most European markets Skype will also receive a share of temination fees for their SkypeIn service.

    How much will depend on the market and their agreements with the PSTN Wholesaler.

    I would not be at all surprised if this could add on average another 30% to the ARPU. So instead of just getting €30 pa. They are getting more like €40 pa.

  2. john, i guess we are having a little “lost in translation” issue here. cannot tell if it is couple of dollars or $3 dollars. i wish someone would read the original article in swedish and translate accurately for all of us

  3. SkypeIn customers contribute $3/month (say 30 Euros for the annual less payment service fees yields USD$36). Not sure how many SkypeIn customers there are.

    For SkypeOut, USD$.02 per minute would mean 150 minutes per month to generate USD$3. Not an insignificant number of minutes of use.

    Facts and transparency would clear all of this up.

  4. This is right in line with my expectations. Now the big question is “What is their Gross Margin.” Of the 2 cents (recently reduced to 1.5) per minute of SkypeOut, how much of that is Skype’s?

    Overall, they must doing well to have hired so many people in the past year. So, I’m guessing they get 50% of gross revenues.