Cool Linksys WTR54GS Travel Router


WTR54GS_medMy old Netgear Travel Router is getting a little long in the tooth and having to carry the adapter with me is a pain.  The relatively new Linksys WTR54GS solves this problem by integrating the adapter into the body of the router which is a very sweet solution.  The wireless-G router includes Linksys’ SpeedBooster which provides a theoretical 100+ mbps throughput if your notebook adapter is also equipped with SpeedBooster.  I found the WTR54GS for less than $100 on the web so the price is right.  Linksys has put a lot of effort to make it easy to create a wireless connection in a hotel room:

Create a temporary, personal, wireless access “bubble” in your hotel room. Just plug the Router directly into the wall, and connect the hotel’s fast Internet service cable. Then use the Router’s push button setup feature to easily connect and configure your wireless devices — push the button on the Router and on your other SecureEasySetup-enabled wireless device to automatically create an encryption-secured wireless connection. You can also create a shared-access bubble attached to a wireless Internet connection to use multiple devices on a single hotspot account in a coffee shop or airport lounge.


Michael Connick

I’ve been using the similar Asus Wireless AP WL-330g unit for almost a year now and it’s great. I use it in hotel rooms all the time so that I can use my Tablet while lying in bed!

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