Apple Special Music Event Coverage


We visit the event in progress:
(Latest updates at the top of the list.)
– color screen
– thinner than a number 2 pencil
– same docking port as other iPods
– 1/3 the size of the RAZR
– no more ipod mini
– will come in white and black
– 4GB for US$249. 2GB for $199
– 1.5 grams, weighing less than 3 US quarters
– Accessories: dock for $29. Lanyard/headphone $39. Armband $29

– Songs transferred via USB.
– 100 songs.
– “Shuffle for your phone”
– No click-wheel.
– Play will automatically pause when a call is received.
– Will be carried by Cingular.
– Uses shuffle, auto-fill features.

– iTunes 5
– “Refined look”
– Playlist folders.
– SmartShuffle
– Users adjust how often songs from an artist are played.
– Parental controls allow restrictions on the purchase of explicit music.
– Windows users can now sync contacts and calender using Outlook.

– Over 2 million songs.
– Largest online library in the world.
– Madonna’s full library is now available.
– Over 10 million user accounts.
– Average user has bought 60 songs.
– New audio books, including complete Harry Potter set.
– 15,000 podcasts, with 1,000 new ‘casts being added every week.
– 7 million podcast subscriptions.



“”Windows users can now sync contacts and calender using Outlook””.
what software does this exactly??….. bought a rokr – ebay without software etc…… any clues anybody?


I was rapidly summarizing everything I read from TMO. They have been around for a long time, and have a very sturdy reputation, as evidanced by the fact that they got an invite to the event. Who am I to second guess them? Anyway, I was not analyzing the news as it came in, simply reporting it.

Gareth Potter

Why on earth would it have a camera in it anyway? I seem to remember similar lunacy around the time of the iPod photo’s original launch, and thinking then that it made no sense for Apple to stick a crappy 1MP plastic-lensed camera in somewhere and ruin that minimalist feel…

It would have been an even taller order in the iPod nano, given its diminutive size.


I was not dreaming! If you look at the Mac Observer site, ,
you can see that they make a point that the Nano does NOT have a camera. There is no reason why they would do that unless they had previously reported that it had. They were who I was relying on for my information, as none of the TAB contributors were invited to the event. An article is only as good as its information, and in this case, the info was MOSTLY good, but had a small error that caused quite a bit of flack. Anyway, everyone makes mistakes, no need to get excited about it.


I am truly sorry.
I can swear that I saw the word “camera” somewhere. I was trying to bring the news in as quickly as possible, and made a mistake.

Dan Bruno

What’s this about a camera? All the other sites, including Apple’s (and the one mentioned in the middle of this article), don’t mention one…

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