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T-Mobile chooses Opera 8 for Windows Mobile

T-mobile_sdaiiOpera is the most robust browser for mobile devices and it is good news indeed that T-Mobile has chose Opera for some of their upcoming cell phones.  The first device expected to appear with the Opera browser is T-Mobile’s SDA II Smartphone. Windows Mobile supporters should be very happy with this news.  From the press release:

T-Mobile’s SDA II sports a large (320×240 pixels) QVGA display and comes fully loaded with all the typical Windows Mobile applications such as e-mailing, Mobile Office and a media player in addition to the Opera Web browser.

Opera 8 for Windows Mobile offers Smartphone users more speed, smooth usability and rich content display as they access the full Internet, creating a Web experience unlike any other available for these devices. The browser supports all major Web standards, including CSS2, DOM 2 and JavaScript. Based on Opera’s new core code, Opera 8 for Windows Mobile also includes the latest version of Opera’s unique Small-Screen Rendering™ which dynamically reformats Web pages to fit the width of any screen, eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling.