Mobile Issues Challenge To Broadcasters

The mobile market offers a lot of opportunity for content providers, but like all new markets some details have to be ironed out — such as who gets paid and how much. “Broadcasters are going to collide with the producers who have previously been their biggest suppliers, over the issue of who owns the rights for shows…Over the past six months, the latter issue has become more and more pressing as the likes of ITV and Channel 4 have looked at their biggest shows and tried to work out how best to utilise them in new media such as mobile”.
The issue of public broadcasting is also raised — how those countries which have publically funded broadcasters (and therefore find the concept of some value) can unsure the paradigm shifts to the new medium.
In the end though, perhaps this paragraph sums up what should happen: “Rather than scrapping over rights, some believe the various parties should concentrate on finding successful funding models, so that mobile content doesn’t turn out an anticlimax of Celebrity Love Island proportions”. Making sure everyone gets their fair share is important, but so is making sure there is something to share.
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