Mindjet releases free MindManager Viewer


Mindjet, the producers of the mind mapping tool par excellence MindManager, will be releasing a free map viewer tomorrow morning.  I have been testing it for a few weeks now and I must say it is excellent!  The viewer can be downloaded from the download site and since they have released it to a few bloggers in advance you don’t have to wait until tomorrow to get it.

The MindManager Viewer is a complete standalone tool that allows anyone to view mind maps of any size and detail without requiring the full version of MindManager.  You can move around in the map, expand and collapse topics, just about everything you can do in the full version except create new maps.  If you are an ardent mapper like me but have a list of colleagues that can’t read your maps now you can direct them to this free download and share your work to your heart’s content.  But wait, there’s more!  Mindjet has developed an ActiveX control for Internet Explorer that makes it easy for bloggers or workgroups to embed mind maps into a web site so readers or collaborators can view it directly in their browser.  This feature works like the standalone viewer so finally we bloggers have a way to share mind maps with our readers in a format they can actually view and scroll around.

Here’s a screen of a map in the standalone viewer:

MM Viewer

Bear in mind the viewer can run full-screen so you can view a map in all its glory.  I highly recommend everyone check this viewer out.  Come on, what are you waiting for?

Here’s the same map as the screen above in the ActiveX browser (remember the ActiveX will have to install in Internet Explorer for you to see it):

Built by Mindjet LLC


Arnold Villeneuve

New version of Mindsystems ThemeReader is now available. ThemeReader Business Edition increases the ability to generate MindManager mind maps from unstructured text documents ten fold. New templates are accesible. But more importantly, you can now decide which level of Knowledge Signature depth you want to create.

Arnold Villeneuve

Arnold Villeneuve

I used the Mindsystems ThemeReader to create a MindManager mind map and then used the MindManager Viewer to see the mind map. The combination worked like a charm. The Mindsystems ThemeReader even has a 21 day evaluation period so that you can try the software for free and produce as many MindManager mind maps as you like. Mindsystems ThemeReader is only $39!

MindManager Viewer and Mindsystems ThemeReader make a great combination. You can find the Mindsystems ThemeReader for the MindManager Viewer at this link:


The Mindsystems ThemeReader uses advanced thematic extraction technology to create a thematic signature of the documents major and minor themes. It them imports the information into a MindManager mind map. However, you can use the free MindManager Viewer to read the new thematic mind map of your document. You even get a Synopsis and Detailed Summary of the document right within the mind map. And you can locate any paragraph that has a theme in it simply by clicking on the Notes attachment to the theme node.

Enjoy your own personal mind maps with the MindManager Viewer and Minsystems ThemeReader now!


Bednar, something is definitely amiss on your end- visit the Mindjet web site for help.


Active X installs, but I cannot see the map. The box is empty.

I get prompted to install on every visit to the site.

Any ideas of how to fix?

David Tebbutt

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. BrainStorm users have enjoyed web publishing their thought models for years, as well as an optional Java kit for embedding a model viewer in any web page. Because it’s Java based it can be run on any machine, not just Windows.

I ought to mention that Brainstorm Software is my company.


Very annoying. I have no desire to install it, yet when I visit your site, I get the download prompt.

I can’t wait for this to drop from page one.


Very nice – when I use IE. Normally I use Firefox though, and the installer doesn’t run.

Andreas Weinberger

Very nice tool, I just installed it on a W2K machine and my XP notebook. When I choose “open in new window” the XP machine starts MindManager the W2K machine opens the desktop??

I will report this bug to Mindjet.

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