Sony In Talks With Apple On Licensing Its Service In Japan

Sony, which till now was gamely trying (and losing) to fight Apple in Japan and other countries, is now in talk with it about a possible compatibility of its online music download service for Japanese users of iPod.

Last month Apple started its online music service in Japan, and has been a big hit in the second largest online music market, hitting one million downloads within just four days, the fastest pace in the 20 countries where Apple’s online music service is available.

With over 21 million users worldwide, the iPod is far more popular in Japan than Sony’s Walkman Square…Sony’s music download service Mora provides just 200,000 songs in Japan, compared to 1 million in iTunes Japan.

Japan Today: Sony Music and Apple are working out the details of a possible deal, including commission charges. They have yet to decide on when the iTunes Music Store will start offering its download services for Sony Music’s songs.

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