“Perfect” iTunes Equalizer Settings

Everyone knows that the best way to ensure that one is getting the very best quality audio is to invest in good hardware, and only listen to full CD quality (or better) music. However, not everyone can afford a professional audiophile setup. Macosxhints.com has what one man is calling the universal “perfect” settings for the iTunes equalizer. That is to say, that he claims that these settings will make improve the sound of widest range of music types. Of course, when ever someone makes a claim like this, there will be some who refute the assertion. Delving into the comments on the post reveals a comment by a very experienced audio engineer, who presents quite a negative attitude. The engineer claims that the “perfect” preset is the opposite of what should be done, and presents a preset that reverses the “perfect” preset.

Now, I make no claim to be an expert in audio, and my PowerBook and Altec Lansing speakers are far from ideal, but, to my ears at least, the “Perfect Negative” preset does improve the sound of my shoddily encoded MP3s.

Check the post out for yourself, and see if it doesn’t make your music sound better.


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