OneNote organization references

OneNote tabletOneNote is a very useful tool for not only taking notes (text, ink and audio) but also for providing advanced organization of those notes.  I hear from many new OneNote users who are rather overwhelmed with the initial organization of their notes, wanting to make sure they don’t “screw up” by arranging their folders and sections optimally from the get go.  Mr. OneNote Chris Pratley has written a great article called Setting up your OneNote notebook that all OneNote users should give a read as it contains some very good tips about organizing your notes.  He also shares some research data that Microsoft conducted about note takers that went into the design of OneNote.  The comments thread for Chris’ article contains some interesting organizational schemes that readers have employed.

Andy Gray is a Tablet developer with a nice blog and he has responded to Pratley’s call for comments on OneNote organization with an article of his own that details how he has organized his notes.  Andy has organized his notebook along the lines of the GTD system so those of you following that method will be interested in how he has implemented it with OneNote.  He mentions he entered a couple of OneNote PowerToys in the recent contest by Microsoft and hopefully we’ll see these PowerToys soon.



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