Sundog lives!

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It didn’t take long to find the Atari ST version of the Sundog game I posted about yesterday.  Thanks to reader Charlene for the headsup on where to download Sundog.  This is the Atari version of Sundog that was originally released on both the Apple II and the Atari ST.  I had it up and running in about 5 minutes with the great free Atari ST emulator Steem.  The gameplay on the Atari version looks very similar to the Apple version although the graphics are not quite as good.  I’m going to try to find an Apple II version next.  CORRECTION:  The more I play the Atari version the more I realize the graphics are actually as good as the Apple version and in some areas even better.  The beauty of the Atari version becomes apparent when you play it with the mouse.  Everything can be controlled with the two buttons on the mouse which is much improved over the keyboard control of the Apple version.  Here’s a screen from Sundog: Frozen Legacy:

Sundog under Steem

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no longer downloadable at link given above :( Still looking.

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