Official GMail Notifier, exactly like GMail Status


GMail Status app came out before the GMail Notifier which adds header-preview. Still, an acknowledgement from Google that us Mac users exist!



Gmail Notifier works fine for me. From the description I thought it was going to put itself in the dock but it actually works very much like Gmail Status, except with the added benefit of the header previews. I would have stuck with Gmail Status but mysteriously it stopped being able to retrieve the number of unread mails I had.


I’m on Linux, so we still don’t exist. Thank you Gmail Notifier extension for Firefox!

John Cradock

I’ve tried the Mac OS X version of this, and it makes no sense to me. It seems to run invisibly, and make a sound occasionally, but it doesn’t show in the dock in any way, and it doesn’t seem to have any preferences that you can set. Am I missing something here?

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