Future Of Media And Tech Globalisation, According To EU


A good overarching speech by Viviane Reding, the European Commission commissioner responsible for Information Society and Media. She talked about media, tech and globalization, and Europe’s role in it.

On diversity of media: “The Internet is contributing to this new move to local content and languages: I heard with interest in the past days that Microsoft, for many the symbol of globalisation, has decided to offer Windows now also in the language of several smaller countries, including the language of my home country Luxembourg. And it is certainly no coincidence, but a further sign of this development, that also Wikipedia, the new interactive global Internet encyclopaedia I mentioned before, offers its website in almost all languages of the world, including – again – Letzeburgisch. It could very well be that the old contradiction felt by many between globalisation and cultural diversity belongs to the past. We certainly do not need “quotas” on Internet content. “

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