Colour Screen, Smaller, Higher Capacity iPod Minis


New Colour Screen iPod Minis

According to Engadget, Apple plan to introduce a new line of iPod minis in the coming month. They will be 75-80% smaller than the existing models, and offer a colour screen. There may also be an 8gb model introduced, likely to be priced at $299. The only downside is that the screen will be approximately 0.2 inches smaller than at present.

If you’re planning on ordering an iPod Mini in the next few days, I would hold back until Apple either make, or don’t make the announcement.

Think Secret are also reporting that the iPod shuffle may see a rise in capacity to 2gb. They are calling the potential introduction of a Video iPod “too close to call”, with reliable sources both confirming and denying it’s existence.



75-85% smaller? That will be a real shuffle killer!

You must mean 75-85% of the current size :) (checked wtih Engadget and that’s what they say there).

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