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There are no better testimonials for any program than those from long time users who are passionate about the application. jkOTR reader Scott Frickman sent me an email about the interesting program RecallPlus.  Scott is an avid fan of the program and, oh, I’ll just let him tell you himself. Email posted with permission.


Thanks for a great site.  I visit it everyday.  Welcome to the tablet hood.

I am a student and tablet user.  I have a Motion M1400 that goes with me to every class.  I always get these nasty looks from my mates when their sitting there with pen and paper scribbling away with their notebooks left in their backpacks while I’m just writing away taking notes in the margins of my digital text books and in my journal.

Last year was my first with my tablet and I discovered something that I am sure every digital student encounters, which is data overload.  It is practically bad when test time rolls around and you have to review so much stuff.  I found a program that not only solved my overload problem, but also increased my gpa (grade point average).  It’s called RecallPlus and can be found on their site at www.recallplus.com.  I tried numerous similar programs like Supermemo, Vtrain, FlashX but nothing and I mean nothing compared to Recallplus.  I suppose one might call it a flash card type program and if so then it’s a flash card program on steroids. 

There are several features that I like the best.  Those are building the knowledge trees and the count down mode to testing.  The latter feature no other software provider has as I have found.  Each of my knowledge trees are organized by subject and then the branches include chapters and so on.  I either take notes directly into RecallPlus or into my GoBinder and from there organize them into RecallPlus.  Once I am satisfied that I have everything I need on a particular subject area I let Recallplus take over and from there it test me on what I have learned, notes what I have forgotten and schedules out for a refresh.  The key benefits to this method is that greater learning can be accomplished and learning retention is maintained at a much higher level and NO MORE CRAMMING for a test.  The one feature that I like the most is what I call the count down to test mode.  I enter the date of my test and the material that will be tested. Then RecallPlus calculates the remaining time to test date and sets up a schedule for review.

So, I was thinking maybe you could do some type of a review on this software.  I am sure you will be impressed.  The RecallPlus team has been working all summer developing a tablet version and just released a version this week.  I feel honored to have been the driving force pestering them with emails last May suggesting that tablets in schools was the future and they needed to get on the bandwagon.  As I told them you can’t open your notebook and tap tap tap away in class.  It’s annoying and the teachers generally don’t allow it.  However, with a tablet you can just write away and if you can either buy a digital text book or create one from scanning you are the envoy of all. 

The RecallPlus team is also very responsive to input and encourages users to tell them what they like, don’t like, and what improvements can be made.  For example, when I started using the software, I thought the icons were pretty poor quality and many in the wrong place.  I suggested that they improve the icon images and follow a grouping similar to what Microsoft does in Word.  Not saying MS is right or wrong in their approach but as students that is what we are required to use and get use to unless of course your schools uses MAC’s.

Anyway, hope you’ll take a look at the software do a review in the future.

Keep up the good work.




I found it interesting that Mr Frickman speaks of RP as “a flashcard program on steroids”, since this expression can be found in the Help file of the software VTrain, and they, in turn are quoting http://got2know.net/2Know/ , as can be easily verified.

I would suggest Mr Frickman to try the new version of VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer), available from http://www.vtrain.net

VTrain 5.0 comes with so many new features that I will not list them here. Simply consider the large number of universities that have officially registered the software.

Daryl Herbert

A few months ago, I was thinking about two programs that I wanted but couldn’t find off the shelf and was not up to writing.

One looked a lot like a stripped-down version of EverNote, and the other looked a lot like this (so naturally I’m thrilled that both exist). EverNote completely exceeded what I had imagined, and I have great expectations for this as well.

I think there is great potential for this software to be even better:

ONE is for educators to create gigantic open-source databases of trees/nodes/lessons/review questions such that it is possible to get an entire education through the computer for free. Somebody would probably have to put up a lot of money to get these started, but once it got rolling it would be unstoppable. Free education for everyone on the planet!

I can certainly imagine that computer programmers involved in open source coding projects would be willing to put in the time to contribute to open-source learning projects.

TWO is to include the ability to automatically generate review questions for a given lesson. I think this would make the most sense for learning math (because computers can easily generate all sorts of math problems for the students to solve) and foreign languages (because the rules of a language can be programmed in). I think the value of review questions would decrease slightly every time the exact same question was asked (with the exact same answer), whereas if slightly different math problems involving the same principles repeatedly appeared, the value would be higher.

I think eventually the questions would be generated from a list of “important facts” associated with that lesson rather than each being typed out by hand. This would allow the same question to be asked in different wording (with different wrong answers next to it, if it’s presented in multiple choice format). Having this information in a standard database form would also benefit AI researchers, who would have a standard means of “teaching” their machines.

THREE is for multiple people to be able to face off against each other in trivia games. I think that would be more fun than reviewing alone. The software keeps track of how well the students know certain subjects, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it to connect to other computers to generate a list of review questions appropriate for all participants.

Sorry to leave such a long comment, but I felt like I had a lot to say. You can probably tell I’ve thought about this extensively :-)

Kris Stark


Gotta watch ebay for the best deals… Especially now that IBM has put out their tablet, I think alot of people will be upgrading.

Gotta love the ZOD!!! or atleast the concept
-except that my backlight died 2 weeks after they shutdown – still within warranty, but no fixxie for me =(
now i have to figure out how to listen to my TabletPC show & IT Conversations some other way.

Kris Stark


I am also a longtime reader of your blog and listen to your podcasts as they hit the hd. Great job and keep up the awesome work.

Radio? Whats that,the static in the car?

I am also a student, now enrolled @ University of Pheonix Online (BS IT/Visual Communications), and am getting my first tablet soon (today hopefully!). So I have been doing some research on what are the best apps for tablets, and was browsing the forums on Agilix’s GoBinder site, and first encounterd RecallPlus in Frick’s(?) post there. So off I went to investigate further, and it looks like it is really a great app. It even includes a mind-mapping/concept feature, as well as flashcards.

Can’t wait to get my tablet and start filling up the hd with ink notes and digitally annoted e_books.

::eagerly awaiting the next podcast::


He must be a rich student. I can barely make rent on my loans. My one splurge was my Tapwave Zodiac for $240.

I really do agree that Tablets are made for students. Just right now the price is too high. I don’t see it coming down in the near future.

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