Software Resources


I thought I would share with all of you some great software resources that I have come across recently. No need to expand on that thought any more, so lets get started!

Here is a handy collection of plugins for that allow users to add a wealth of features including many productivity techniques such as tagging messages and mapping specific mail rules to the keyboard.

Ranchero Software has a handy little page with links to feed which will bring you tips and tricks directly from the people who know the program best; the people who wrote it.

Mac Freeware
Who doesn’t love freeware? I certainly do! Nine of the sixteen programs I have running (and these are the programs I LIVE by) are freeware. Mac users are lucky in the fact that there is usually a great piece of freeware to replace every item of software that one would usually pay for. I can say from experience that this is certainly not the case on Windows. Check out for the latest and greatest freeware releases for the Mac OS X platform.

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