India Becomes Leader In The mass Adoption Of Digital Cinema


Digital Post Production: DG2L Technologies announced that it has completed installation of the first 150 Digital Cinema Systems awarded to DG2L in the world’s largest digital cinema deployment, which encompasses 2,000 theaters, for UFO (United Film Organizers).
“While the large media groups are talking about it, while the industry magazines and reports predict the future of it, DG2L along with UFO have made it a reality of today,” said AK Sheth, CEO of DG2L.
“The first 50 were the most difficult, after that it has become a well oiled machine; we are now able to install 100 systems per month, bringing each one online in just 3 days. It is amazing to watch the entire process from Telecine to digital distribution to theater display all done digitally, at a fraction of the cost of traditional film distribution,” said Sheth.
“India is the largest producer of motion pictures in the world, averaging 800 movies per year. India also has the largest theater-going public worldwide, so it is natural that India becomes the leader in the mass adoption of digital cinema. The solution allows for more cost-effective digital distribution, while also providing the ability to maximize revenue potential through real-time content management,” said Sanjay Gaikwad, CEO of UFO.
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