Recovery disks revisited


I finally had time to look at the media that HP included with the tc1100 and found a DVD disk that claims to be a Windows Tablet Edition OS disk.  It also states that it contains the HP drivers and software on the DVD so I had assumed this was a typical recovery image disk.  I was wrong, the DVD is a real Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 install disk that apparently has the HP drivers and software slipstreamed.  This is sweet and it is great to see HP rise to the front and include not only this OS disk but one disk with just the drivers and applications on it and a multi-disk set with the MUI install sets.  I have also heard from a couple of tc4100 owners who received the same disks with their Tablet PCs.  Kudos to HP!  Now if we can just get the other OEMs to follow suit.



Please help. Can I purchase a Windows xp tablet pc edition cd from anybody or does someone know where I can get one? I bought a tablet pc online and didnt realize it didnt have an OS.

Michael Connick

My Electrovaya SC-3000 came with a complete set of Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 install CD-ROMs and a separate CD-ROM containing all the specialized drivers and software for the tablet.

Glenn Fincher

What you will find with the HP DVD is that it is a bootable WinPE based unattended install tool that includes HP drivers as well as Multi-Lingual User Interface components for XP. It is not an exact replica (the one I have is for the TC4200) of a Windows XP Tablet PC Edition product CD as the actual files for Tablet are located in the SETUPWINXPPUS folder. The reason that the image is recognized as a valid Tablet (or XP SP2) product source is the presence of those “tag files” in the root of the DVD [WIN51, WIN51P, & WIN51P.SP2].

Mickey Segal

Two disks come with Motion Computing computers, labeled “Operating System Recovery CD” and “Utilities and Drivers Recovery CD”. I used the operating system CD to install some advanced Windows features when Windows asked for the OS media. I’ll have more up to date information in a few weeks when my Motion Computing LS800 arrives (I’m holding out for one with a View Anywhere screen; these should begin to ship in September).

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