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MSN’s Yearly Revenues: Ad Revs Up; Access Down

Microsoft filed its annual report for fiscal 2005 with SEC late last week, and some relevant numbers on MSN:

“In fiscal year 2005, MSN advertising revenue increased $193 million or 16% primarily as a result of industry and market growth, and continued growth of MSN display advertising revenue, tempered by the search clarity in advertising program and the impact of the home page redesign. Revenue from subscription and transaction services other than Internet Access increased $84 million or 88% in fiscal year 2005 as a result of growth in the number of MSN Premium subscribers through our carrier partnerships.”

“Offsetting the overall revenue growth was a decline of $219 million or 24% in Internet Access revenue, driven by the continued migration of Internet Access subscribers to broadband or other competitively priced Internet service providers.”

“Profitability may decline in fiscal year 2006 as investments are made in the development of new applications and services, the search and search monetization platform, and growth in the field sales force.”