IGN Acquisitions & IPO: Some Numbers

IGN, the gaming media company, which has filed for an IPO, has filed an amended S-1…and some numbers on its acquisitions (these numbers were not disclosed when the intital announcements of the acquisitions came out):

“In March 2004, we acquired GameSpy…for a cash purchase price of $53.3 million; In July 2004, we acquired Rotten Tomatoes for $7.8 million; In May 2005, we acquired AskMen.com for $13.5 million.

Also, take note of how the proceeds will be used (this was added in the amended S-1 filing: “When considering whether to invest in our common stock, you should be aware that some of our directors and executive officers will receive a substantial portion of the offering proceeds because they are holders of Series A redeemable preferred stock that will be redeemed in connection with this offering. In particular, assuming we complete this offering on September 30, 2005, we expect to redeem these securities by paying the following amounts: $21.8 million to entities affiliated with an investment firm, Great Hill Partners…; $12.9 million to an entity, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company,…; $8.6 million to Christopher Anderson, a member of our board of directors; $1.3 million to Mark A. Jung, our President and CEO and director; and $400,000 to Kenneth H. Keller, our Executive Vice President, Engineering, and CTO.”